Cross Stitch Envy

I have a secret cross stitch project in the works. It involves 3D printing + cross stitch, and is inspired by this fabulous stitch-it-yourself iPhone case. Cross stitch is one of those old lady crafts that has been reinvigorated of late, no little thanks to the bad ass-ery of Subversive Cross Stitch. Here are my top picks for cross stitches to inspire.

stitch inspiration

Wall Art by Eline Pelinkhof, via Heart Handmade UK, Will Stitch For Cocktails, by Subversive Cross Stitch, Earrings by skrynka, Stitched iPhone case via The Purl Bee
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6 Responses to Cross Stitch Envy

  1. REALLY like those earrings! 🙂

  2. jenniferotey says:

    These are awesome! My mom cross-stitched a ton when I was a little girl and passed on all her goodies – I love to get them out play with them randomly! I may just have to get on it!

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