Stuff Into Other Stuff: Camera Parts

I’m all about Turning Stuff Into Other Stuff. Or as it’s commonly known, upcycling. I hate throwing things away. The weirder, the better. When I was in college and would come home to my parents’ house for the weekend, I would root through the junk in the basement and attic for stuff to upcycle, and once I stumbled upon a box of broken light meters. My Dad is a big photo buff, with his very own darkroom and plenty of cool photography equipment. He let me have the light meters and it was love at first sight.

Which is to say, I gutted them immediately.


Light meter necklace at Ariel Telsa. Light meters are used to measure available light and tell the photographer what settings to use on their camera, but nowadays they are built right into the camera instead of being a separate device.

I’ve been making these light meter necklaces ever since, and they are for sure the best selling item from my old Etsy shop. Giving new life to something obsolete is a really amazing feeling.

Here are my picks for great stuff made from, or inspired by old camera parts.

upcycled camera post


Coffee Mug and Plant DIY via Photojojo, Night light via Recyclart, Clock by Pixel This
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2 Responses to Stuff Into Other Stuff: Camera Parts

  1. lmdunne says:

    Great post! Love the clock from the brownie special! Very cool!

  2. Rin says:

    Love these!

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