DIY Antique Stamp Necklace

stamps 4I’m a flea market addict. I’d been seeing these antique stamps at flea markets for a while and eventually couldn’t stop myself from buying a few. Last week I posted about stamps I love as a packaging tool, but here’s a take on the stamp as a cool object in itself.

Check out this tutorial on how to make an antique stamp into a cute, easy necklace.

See the tutorial after the jump!

stamps 1

You’ll need need an antique stamp, an eye screw, some chain and a clasp. For tools, grab your drill, a drill bit slightly smaller than your eye screw, and pliers.

stamp 2Pre-drill a shallow hole where you want the eye screw to go. The idea is to have the hole deep enough to start cranking the eye screw in, but by keeping it shallow the screw is able to grab into the wood really well once it gets past the hole.

Insert the eye screw into the hole and start cranking, first with your fingers and then with pliers. Try to crank it in on an angle so the stamp will hang nicely instead of straight up and down.

stamps 3Now all you have to do is string your chain through the eye and add your clasp.

stamps 5

stamps 6And you’re done! Super easy and super cute.

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2 Responses to DIY Antique Stamp Necklace

  1. Lychee says:

    That’s not a stamp, persay, it’s a typography letter. It’s part of a true “font” or family of typefaces. It’s a really cool find since it’s what letterpress is made of. You line those on a block on a press, ink it up, and bam! Wedding invitations (most commonly nowadays it seems). A full set of those letters is enormously expensive!

    I bought a letter myself and was hoping that your tutorial could help me out in making mine into a necklace, but, sadly, mine’s made of metal. Looking at your results really make me wish I could do the same for mine. Oh well.

    • That’s really cool, I had no idea! Maybe you could glue one of those little bails that has a little pad of metal to your letter. It’s hard to say without seeing it. Thanks for sharing though!

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