Teal Tipped Necklace DIY

tip necklace 7

Even though I work in fine jewelry, my own tastes tend to be more flashy. I like costume jewelry. I like it a lot. The bigger and weirder, the better. I bought this plain necklace a few years ago at a yard sale and have gotten very little wear out of it. It was just a little too cheap looking. I decided to paint the tips of each piece for some extra pop. It came out really well, and it’s a lot more of a statement necklace now.

Here’s the original necklace.

tip necklace 1The first thing I did was to take the whole thing apart with pliers. The links hook together from behind.

tip necklace 3

Then, I taped off the parts I didn’t want to paint using painter’s tape, leaving the parts to be painted exposed.

tip necklace 4

tip necklace 2Next, I grabbed my spray paint and hit the pieces with a good coat. After they were dry, I applied a coat of clear spray paint to protect the color, then peeled off the tape.

tip necklace 5Then all that was left to do was reassemble with pliers!

tip necklace 6

tip necklace 7I added a large spring ring clasp instead of the hook it originally had, which had never worked very well.

I love the graphic look, I’m so excited to wear it!

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