Vintage Suitcase Inspiration

coffee-table-suitcase-DIY-6Coffee table, with tutorial, by Ruche

I always want to buy vintage suitcases when I go thrifting. They have so much potential for upcycling! Here are some cool projects and items to give you a little inspirational push. Just make sure you check that the vintage suitcase you’re buying isn’t locked with no key! Trust me, I’ve seen it.
dog-suit-case-bedDog bed, with tutorial, by Incredible Things
il_430xN.65377216Medicine cabinet, featured on Heart Handmade UK (sadly no longer sold on Etsy!)
483x600Drawers by Rossana Orlandi


Chair by Recreate
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One Response to Vintage Suitcase Inspiration

  1. SOOOO cute! Just now seeing this post. CUTE!! I’ve gotta make that suitcase coffee table! 😀

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