Pattern Tuesday: Lace

If I could put lace on everything, I really would. I have a large collection of trims and it’s 90% lace. Thin, thick, stretchy, starchy. I love it all.

Here’s a project of my own inspired by lace. It’s a vest made from fused plastic bag “fabric,” through which I laser-cut a lace pattern and then put it together with an iron.

vestEasily my favorite thing I made in four years of art school.

Lace is great as both a material and a pattern. All the little loops and twists really kick my brain into inspiration mode.

laceSkirt via Friendly Fox Vintage, Print by Lily Moon, Coasters by Adelaide and Alice, Shovels from Lace in Translation exhibit
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2 Responses to Pattern Tuesday: Lace

  1. hannahduncan says:

    I love your lace vest! beautiful!

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