Ceramic Jewelry Inspiration

il_fullxfull.372317559_1xouRings by Noga Berman

Ceramic jewelry is something I long had an aversion to, but I’m coming around.  There are a lot of chunky pendants and too-homemade looking options out there, but there really are some artists who create delicate, wearable work.

I’m especially interested in ceramic jewelry from a 3D printed perspective. You can actually 3D print in ceramic now! I have 3D printed a few vases and they are 100% useable and the best part is that the glaze allows for a smooth surface, which is not the case for most 3D printed materials. I’m excited to experiment with it in terms of rings and other jewelry.

Check out these great ceramic jewelry pieces. I especially love the work of Israeli jeweler, Noga Berman (photo above), who uses salvaged ceramic in her work to make one-of-a-kind pieces that are subtle and really interesting.


Earrings by Viruset

il_fullxfull.358591844Ring by Maa P Studio

il_fullxfull.409759066_5vtgEarrings by Fresh From the Kiln

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