3D Printed Test Jewelry Part 2

earrings 1I’m so excited to share these photos! Here is the latest set of test pieces for the new Half Craft line. They look so great that I’m gearing up to have actual stock ready in early March. I can’t wait to have a pair of the bezel studs to wear every day. I’m going to do a little more experimenting with color choices, but all of these designs will soon be available for purchase!

If you haven’t been following the adventure, here’s the short version. Half Craft Studio is launching it’s very first line of 3D printed jewelry inspired by gemstones. Both the settings and “stones” are 3D printed in a lightweight nylon-based material that has the potential for incredible detail.

earrings 3

See more awesome photos after the jump!

earring 4Bezel set stud earring


I would love any feedback on these! I also need to come up with names for each piece, so I could use your help on that too. Your opinions are really important to me! Please share any feedback or ideas in the comments.

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One Response to 3D Printed Test Jewelry Part 2

  1. I love love love the orange and grey!

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