Laser Cut Love


Cardboard Chandelier by seequin

Laser cutting is my second favorite technology for use in DIY, after 3D printing of course. The cutter is connected to a computer, where you can upload your file to be cut (lines you’ve marked out in Illustrator, for example) and tell the computer how thick your material is so the laser knows how deep to cut. You can cut through nearly any material, from wood to fabric to plastic. You can also engrave by telling the laser not to cut the whole way through.

The downside is, sadly, that if you don’t own your own laser cutter, you are going to pay a pretty heavy premium to get your designs cut because you will be charged for the time it takes to cut the work on top of the cost of the material. And if you’re me, and you want to cut intricate lace designs, you are going to be paying for a lot of laser time even if you’re just cutting through cardboard. But if you’re clever about it, like in the wooden postcard below, you can get a lot with only a few lines.

Here are some designs that make great use of laser cutting. Hope you feel inspired!

il_fullxfull.350529426Pop out wood postcard by Formes Berlin

il_fullxfull.419938851_9jm9Bracelet by laseLAB

il_fullxfull.273710855Wedding invitation by Avie

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