Recycled Lightbulb Projects

My landlord is an electrician, so there are lots of lights in my house. And weirdly, all the bulbs went out at the same time, leaving me with, I kid you not, 26 old bulbs. I saved them all, hoping to find a good crafting use for them. I just found a great tutorial on how to take them apart safely, so I’m ready to start crafting. Check out these cool projects that take the lightbulb a bit beyond the typical vase or ubiquitous terrarium.

2-mast-ship-1Ship in a bulb at White’s Nautical Antiques

lightbulb-oil-lampOil lamp by 66 Degrees

il_fullxfull.309887364Concrete light bulb hook by Whamodyne, with tutorial

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One Response to Recycled Lightbulb Projects

  1. reretro says:

    c u t e ! ! ! great re-thinking.

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