The Half Craft shop is live!

Big announcement time! After many hours of designing, testing, tinkering and playing dress up, I am very proud to share with you my new line of Half Craft jewelry. If you haven’t been following the saga, the Half Craft line is a 3D printed line of jewelry inspired by gemstones, in which the settings (usually metal) and gemstones are all 3D printed in a high detail plastic material. I’m planning a big post on how 3D printing and my own process works, so stay tuned! For now, here are some of the first pieces, available here, or check out my nifty new shop button on the right side of the page.

round multi 1

Round stone dangling earrings

teal blue round pendant 1

Round stone pendant

blue orange pear pendant 1

Pear shaped stone pendant

emeralds together

Emerald cut dangling earrings

oval pendants together

Oval pendants

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2 Responses to The Half Craft shop is live!

  1. Marlene Meltz says:

    Congratulations Ashley! Really interesting process

  2. hhs123 says:

    Beautiful! All the best!

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