DIY Fabric Fortune Cookies

fortune 5This is a really fun quick craft. These fortune cookies are really cute and are so easy to make you’ll find yourself churning out enough to stock the cutest take-out restaurant ever. It’s also a really good way to get someone to buy you dinner (you’ll see.)

The basic principle of this project is to take a circle of fabric, stiffen it so it will hold the folded shape nicely, add a fortune and glue into place. A thick cotton works best, although I did have success with a stiff lace and with satin, although the satin lost its sheen.

You’re going to need a bottle of fabric stiffener, which is a really watery glue. Start out by tracing a 4-5 inch circle onto your fabric (I traced a roll of tape) and cutting it out, leaving a little border that will be trimmed later.

Apply fabric stiffener on both sides of the fabric with a foam brush. Hang to dry. If you’re using a thin fabric, you might need two coats.

fortune 1

While the fabric dries, work up your fortune. Cut your paper to a rectangle based on the side of your circle and get creative.

fortune 2

When the fabric is dry and stiff, trim to the edge of the circle. The fabric stiffener will allow you to make a clean cut that will not fray. Fold the circle in half, and half again, so you have a quarter-circle wedge.

fortune 3Insert your fortune into the fold so it sits snugly. You can glue it into place with hot glue gun, or leave it so it can be pulled out and read.

fortune 4Keeping the circle folded into quarters, puff it into a fortune cookie shape with your fingers. Use a few dots of hot glue to get the shape to stay.

fortune 6And you’re done! These would make cute party favors or place settings. Get creative!

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One Response to DIY Fabric Fortune Cookies

  1. twistnpout says:

    CUTE!!! I think I might try this with paper.

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