The Half Craft Thrift Guide Part Two: Variety

thrift manualWelcome to Part Two of the Half Craft Thrift Manual! You can see the introduction/general tips here, and Part One, on clothing and shoes, here. Part Two focuses on variety items, which encompasses everything not wearable or sit-on-able (I mean furniture). We’re talking kitchen items, crafting items, general kitschy decor, books and games.

Tips for buying odds and ends:

1. Kitchen stuff. Is it well made? If it has a plug, does it work? Good thrift stores check that the appliance at least will turn on, and put a sticker on it that says “tested.” When you’re buying anything with a plug, check that the plug isn’t fraying and that it’s a plastic and not fabric cord. Fabric cords can fray easily.

2. Craft supplies. Crafting items are so cheap at thrift stores. Thread can go for a quarter a spool and you can find really interesting fabric for just a few dollars. Think about chopping up curtains or sheets to use as fabric also. You can really get creative and experiment when the supplies are so cheap. Pick up some knitting needles (I guarantee your thrift store has several pairs) and learn how to knit. If you’re not into it, donate your supplies back to the store.

3. Kitsch. I have been on a hunt for the perfect pair of kitschy salt and pepper shakers for about five years. I don’t know what they will look like, but I will know when I see them. Where else but a thrift store am I going to find my dream salt and pepper shakers and pay $2 for them?


Salt and pepper shakers at Paper Cherries

3. Books and games. Here is really where you can get the best value out of the thrift store. Books can go for a dime and you can find board games for a few dollars. Be on the lookout for rare finds. I once found a Happy Days board game for just a few dollars. Eyyyy.

Stay tuned for Part Three!

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