Five Tips to Make Your Product More Blog-Friendly

As a blogger, I have my preferences and rules for products (and photos of them) that I am willing to feature on the blog. Until I started blogging, I was always on the other end of this equation. I was the seller of the handmade product, hoping to catch the attention of someone important enough to help send some traffic my way.

Once I started blogging about DIY and the handmade life, I developed my preferences at such an alarming rate that I wished I had started blogging sooner, because it became clear to me that if I followed my blog rules for my own product, other bloggers would be more likely to feature my products. So I am happy to share with you what I think about when I’m looking for products to feature, in the hopes that anyone in my other pair of shoes will gain a little insight.

My General Rules:

1. The item has to be really cool. I want to share things that my readers probably have not seen before but that, at the same time, are within their interest. Check out this post I did on colorful houndstooth prints for a good idea of the type of products that speak to me. I try to feature handmade items whenever I can. Stick together, lovers and makers of handmade goods.

2. The photo has to be great. It has to be crisp. The item has to be perfectly understood from just the one photograph. I don’t usually show multiple views of the same product.

3. I generally do two different types of product features on this blog. I either do a product roundup, where I list four or five individual products that fit a theme, with a photo for each product in a list, or a mood board, which has four or five products Photoshopped into one image. If I’m doing a mood board, the item has to be on a white background. I don’t want to have to Photoshop the backgrounds out of five pictures. I’m willing to bend this rule for a round up but I do generally like those to be on white backgrounds also, for consistency.

4. The image has to be a good size. I can size down an image, but I can’t size one up. I like to post photos that are at least 500 pixels in either direction.

5. Add your story to your website. I love to see people who quit their day jobs to make their creative dreams happen, or who work with their families or with other small businesses to benefit each other. Your story puts a face to your product, and that is one of the big things I love about the handmade movement.

So now that I’ve shared my thought process with you, I’d like to invite anyone with an interesting product or project to share it with me for a possible blog feature! Send me an email at with a link to your website and a bit about yourself and your product. I look forward to hearing from you!

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