Tiny Collections

collections 2It’s no secret I’m a magpie. I think anyone who runs a design blog must be. I see something special, and it speaks to me on a level beyond simple ownership. I love a good story. As such, I have collections of everything. I collect old books, bits of tile, vintage dishes, and most especially, travel mementos. I even have a collection of shoulder pads that I save from thrift store clothing that I’ve altered. I have a dream of displaying them in a gallery, pinned to a huge wall like they’re insects.

I display my very small items in these vintage spice containers, which I found en masse at my local thrift store. The items have to fit through the narrow opening of the jars. It was a challenge to find items that were small enough to fit in the jars but still were eye-catching. Let me take you through my collections.

collections 1From left to right, I have: vintage beads, sea glass that I collected in Positano, Italy, where the beach has as much sea glass as it does sand, sand from the Sahara desert, which is finer than any sand I have ever encountered, seashells from a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey, and vintage cocktail skewers, purchased at a flea market and still awaiting the day they are upcycled into something fabulous.

What do you collect? How do you display or store it? Share in the comments!

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2 Responses to Tiny Collections

  1. I also have collections of all sorts and accordingly a lot of shelves, boards, vitrines… no jars yet, but the idea is very lovely 🙂

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