Big Things in Half Craft Land

etsy front page screenshot croppedCrazy things are happening in the world of Half Craft Studio. My 3D printed jewelry line is veritably blowing up in several ways. A few days ago I was contacted by a major retailer who is interested in carrying my line, as is a local shop of someone I really admire, and today one of my gemstone pendants (top right!) was on Etsy’s front page! There it is, I have the screenshot to prove it! On top of that, my work was featured in four Etsy treasuries today.

While we’re bragging, this blog is speeding past a few milestones. Today we hit 500 “likes” of individual posts, and if one of you dear readers comments on this, we’ll be at 50 comments. Also getting very close to 10,000 individual page views and 100 followers, so help a sister out.

I’m seriously blown away by this whole week, and my lack of blog posts is due entirely to the world discovering that I’m making things and selling them on the internet. I swear, I’m sitting down right now to write up some fresh posts for your crafting enjoyment.

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