Dye Tests and Discounts on Half Craft Jewelry

dye tests 1Lots of wonderful things have been happening for the Half Craft 3D printed jewelry line in the past few weeks. Retail opportunities abound! It’s becoming clear to me that I need to step up my game and learn how to make my products in a faster and more efficient manner, so I’ve decided to dye my pieces instead of paint them. I love the teal/blue/orange/purple color scheme that I’m using right now, so I’m trying to match the dye colors as closely as possible. Today I tried out a blue and a red-orange, and I’m really happy with the results. The red-orange is, of course, redder than the orange I have now, but I think it’s really striking with the blue. I still need to find a good teal, and then I’m all set. Also, this post is a bit of a sneak peek, these two pieces are not yet available in my shop!

dye tests 2

Since the dyed pieces are not going to match the painted ones that I’m carrying currently, I’m going to be phasing out the painted pieces. So I’m offering a special deal for my blog readers. Get 10% off your order in my Etsy shop by entering the code: blog10 at checkout. This code is only going to be active until April 17th, so act fast!

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