Custom 3D Printed Bracelet

I’m very excited to share pictures of this custom job we just finished. A customer who had bought a few pairs of earrings came to us and asked if we could do a gemstone bracelet, which was unexplored territory for us. So of course we said yes! We ended up doing three emerald cut stones connected by 3D printed chain, and I think the result is really stunning!

custom bracelet 1Here’s how the process went… 

First we threw around some ideas with the customer about what she wanted, ultimately arriving on the idea of gemstones connected by 3D printed chain. We drew up a few ideas:

8 bracelet 1These are computer-generated images from our Computer Aided Design program. The customer liked the single row version and requested these colors:

icm_fullxfull.31643619_oxmb2p887yoc80ggwsskAnd then all that was left was the 3D printing and assembly!

custom bracelet 1You’ll definitely be seeing 3D printed chain in our shop soon. It’s so lightweight and will be really fun in our bright colors. If you have a great idea for a custom piece of jewelry, drop us a line at!

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