Laser Engraved iPhone Case

engraved iphone caseA few months ago, I upgraded my trusty stuck-in-the-past brick phone to an iPhone. I resisted for a long, long time. I didn’t want to be super-connected to everything and everyone at all times of the day. As someone who spends a minimum of nine hours a day in front of the computer, I didn’t want to keep staring at a screen anytime I needed to make a call (or check a celebrity fact, let’s be honest). But when the iPhone 5 came out, a friend upgraded and offered me his old one for free, and the chance was too good to pass up.

Plus, I realized, I could decorate the damn thing.

I drew this laser engraved design in Computer Aided Design software (you can also use Illustrator), and got in contact with the good people over at Froolu, who were more than happy to engrave my design onto one of their high-quality handmade wood cases. It is really sleek and sophisticated, and I love that it’s one of a kind. I wanted to make it personalized by using my initials, so I made up a very minimalist monogram for myself and encased it in a lovely art deco frame.


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