Happy Holidays from Half Craft Studio

tree [Converted]

Even though it’s been unseasonably warm here in Philadelphia, we are very excited for some rest and relaxation after our first holiday season as a business. We saw our greatest traffic and sales all year, sent packages as far away as Finland, Australia and Singapore, and had a holiday pop up with the Silver Room in Chicago, which turned into our first wholesale boutique account. Now in addition to being sold in our online store and on Fab.com, you can buy Half Craft Studio in person whenever you like at The Silver Room.

We have big things planned for the new year, including new designs, the expansion of our wholesale catalog and fun custom projects to share. But before the excitement really gets going, we’re going to have a mug of hot chocolate with our families and celebrate the season. We wish you and your loved ones all the best.

Half Craft Studio

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Half Craft Studio Holiday Pop Up at The Silver Room

I’m very excited to share that our jewelry will be featured in a special holiday pop-up at The Silver Room in Chicago next weekend! On Dec. 14 from 12-4PM and Dec. 15 from 12-6PM you can stop by and browse our 3D printed jewelry as well as stellar gifts from Joanna Maxham, Mischa Lampert and others. Added incentive to stop by: we’re sending over pieces in new color combinations that are not yet available online! This is our first event of this kind and we are really excited to participate and to help you get your holiday shopping squared away.

For those not in the Chicago area, we advise you to place any Half Craft orders you’ve been meaning to make by Dec. 14 to ensure delivery by Christmas.

The Silver Room flyer

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Custom 3D Printed Bracelet

I’m very excited to share pictures of this custom job we just finished. A customer who had bought a few pairs of earrings came to us and asked if we could do a gemstone bracelet, which was unexplored territory for us. So of course we said yes! We ended up doing three emerald cut stones connected by 3D printed chain, and I think the result is really stunning!

custom bracelet 1Here’s how the process went…  Continue reading

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Making Fancy Cocktail Rings

I’ve been having a little fun in the fine jewelry world, and wanted to share a few cocktail rings I designed recently. I’m seriously considering getting one made for myself, I’m a sucker for fancy big rings. Also it’s clear I’m on a real rose gold kick.


This first one has black enamel on the sides and a topaz center stone.

enamel ring perspenamel ring side enamel ring top enamel ring front


The feather ring is shown with an olive green tourmaline stone.feather ring rose 1 feather ring rose 2 feather ring rose 3 feather ring rose 4

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Half Craft Studio has a website!

Very excited to share with you our brand new website! Along with links to our shop and blog, there’s some backstory on the company, a little on how 3D printing works, and a page with some cool press features. Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 9.54.51 PM

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The Half Craft Studio Jewelry Sale is live on Fab.com!

It’s really here! Three months of very hard work have led up to today, the unveiling of the Half Craft sale with Fab.com! As a new business, this was a big challenge and adventure for us. We made over 300 pieces, and this was our first wholesale order. Talk about jumping right in!

You can check out the sale here, and everything is 20% off retail, and will be for the next week! We’ve also added a bunch of new items to our online store to celebrate. Here are some of the new items available in our Etsy shop.


Emerald Earrings 2Pear Earrings 3Round Pendant

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Preview our Sale with Fab.com

There is a fancy preview page up on Fab.com for our sale, which begins tomorrow! Go over and take a look here. It begins in 12 hours and will run for a week! All your favorite designs, 20% off.

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 9.57.43 PM

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