Design Tests for Our New Bridal Line

Inspiration struck me last week, and it was a doozy.

bridal test for blog 1

What I really wanted to do with Half Craft Studio, from the very beginning, was large, intricate necklaces made entirely of 3D printed gemstones. I started smaller, with simple pendants and earrings, in order to be able to keep a handle on production and figure out the intricacies of starting a small business. Since the launch of the original, super colorful line, almost exactly one year ago, I’ve learned so much about producing the pieces and working out the finer points of sales, marketing and all the other behind the scenes stuff. I wanted to do bigger work, but was worried that the market for larger pieces would not translate into sales, because, as cool as the pieces would be, who would buy a large, more expensive, piece of 3D printed jewelry? I’m talking about something you would wear to a gala, or to the Oscars, if you were someone that got invited to those sorts of parties.

bridal test for blog 2

So where is there a market for high end, once in a lifetime jewelry? Weddings, of course. On your special day, you are the center of attention, and you want to be stylish and radiant, most likely in splurge-worthy pieces. And even though I love the bright colors I work with now, they look awesome and luxurious in plain old white.

bridal test for blog 3

In the next few months, I will be designing, testing, producing and launching a new line of Half Craft Studio bridal jewelry. The chain and ear wires will all be very high quality to compliment the gems and the pieces will be heirloom-worthy.

bridal test for blog 4

I sat down this morning with all the gems from my regular stock and did some layouts for the new pieces. Please leave any feedback in the comments, your opinion is really valuable at this stage!

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1 Response to Design Tests for Our New Bridal Line

  1. avivaisen says:

    These layouts are gorgeous – I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’ll be keeping these in mind for my future wedding day. Or possibly before then.

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